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Classic Tracker Approved Installers

We are now authorised installers for Classic Tracker.

Classic Tracker provides a high-quality, secure and reliable tracking service dedicated for classic cars.
We offer a range of services from simple location monitoring, live-tracking and incident interaction with emergency services.

A tracker which uses GPS & GSM to establish and maintain the secure-status of your classic. In the event of any unauthorised movement or tampering, you receive an alert via app/SMS/email and have access to real-time information on an app or the web. Additionally, we provide the ability for you to remotely immobilise your car during a theft situation.

Click on ‘Demo Login’ if you’d like to see the kind of info you’d get from your Classic Tracker. https://map.classic-tracker.co.uk/

Key Features Include:

  • UK & Europe Coverage
  • Police Interaction
  • Vehicle Battery & Tamper Alerts
  • Internal Battery Backup
  • Smart Movement Alert
  • Web & App Live Tracking
  • Remote Vehicle Immobilisation

We offer a number of different service levels:

SAFER £99/year – UK/European Coverage, Mobile App & Web, SMS, Email & App Alerts, Remote Control Immobiliser, Multiple SafeZone Assignment, SafeZone Boundary Alerts, Real-Time Map Tracking, User Configurable SafeZone Assignment, Power Tamper/Ignition Sense, Battery Health

SAFEST £199/year – As SAFER, but also including 24/7/365 Police Interaction. In the event your vehicle is stolen we will provide the designated control-desk with a secure login to enable the Police to recover your vehicle. All we need is the crime-incident number, which is provided to you upon reporting the stolen car.

Our most popular SAFER Bundle includes a Standard WIRED Tracker with the first-year SAFER service subscription and the remote vehicle immobiliser function. App and Web are included in the SAFER Bundle for just £299 plus shipping.