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Series I eType Jaguar Water Leak Repair

March 12, 2019

Here we have a beautiful Series I eType Jaguar that has been brought to us because its not very water tight. these are very common problems for eType Jags but fortunately there are ways that we can improve things for the owners and reduce water ingress to an absolute minimum. To address the issues w..

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Daimler Dart Full Restoration

January 28, 2019

Initially this Daimler Dart was brought to us to repair some accident damage but following the completion of our repair the owner saw the quality of our work and has brought it back for a full restoration. This work will include a full respray including colour change, full engine rebuild and full in..

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V12 eType Roadster show winning restoration

January 23, 2019

Here we have a Series III V12 eType Roadster which is going through a full bare metal, nut and bolt restoration. This vehicle will be prepared to concourse winning standards with plenty of upgrades along the way. We also have a timeline for the project as we intend to finish the re-build work on the..

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Removing a broken stud from a 4.2 etype Jaguar

January 23, 2019

Here is a short video clip detailing the process we went though to remove a broken stud from a 4.2 L etype Jaguar engine block. If you have any restoration work needed on your classic vehicle then why not give us a call on 01543 422 625 and see what we could do for you. … Read more

Series II eType Jaguar Engine and Gearbox Rebuild

December 20, 2018

Here we have a series II eType engine and gearbox that has been brought to us us for a complete rebuild. The car itself has been with the same owners since the early 1970’s and we know that the engine and gearbox has never been out of the car before. Once we have completed the … Read more

Bristol 603 Engine Detailing Project

December 14, 2018

Here we have a Bristol 603 that we haveĀ  quite a bit of history with. We were involved in the original restoration of the vehicle and have since been involved in several upgrades, the last of which was to add air conditioning with the help of our good friend Pat from Fenair. Now the owner … ..

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