Practical Classics Restoration Show

This year we were invited to show off our skills on one of Practical Classics main stands over both days of the 2 day show. After much deliberation and chatter we decided to work on a 1958 Automatic A105 Austin Westminster Estate.

once we had decided what we were going to work on we needed to decide what we were going to attempt to do over the period of the show, the final decision was that we were going to attempt to do the following:

  • Fitting the front cross member to allow for installation of the reconditioned engine and automatic gearbox.
  • Install the rear axel and springs along with some auxillary parts
  • Strip the rotten rear doors down from the donor vehicle to remove the catches and window mechanisms etc that we required.

As it turned out we managed to complete the entire weekends work mid way through Saturday afternoon and so we can up with a cunning plan to also try and fit the rear axle and leaf springs, After a hectic night and morning gathering the parts we needed we arrived back at the show with the parts and axle however as the show was open the only way to get it in to the stand was to carry it in through the main entrance to the show. If you saw anyone carrying an axle through the show on Sunday then that was us.

We had a great weekend and it was great to share the experience with a lot of like minded, interesting and friendly people. Our work has been featured in a double page spread of the July 2016 edition the Practical Classics Magazine and we look forward to being back again at the next show later in the year. watch this space for more information on upcoming events.

if you have a classic vehicle that requires any kind of work then why not give us a call on 01543 422 625 as we love to help.