Another Classic Truck Restoration Gets Underway.

Here we have been retained by a large advertising agency to completely restore this Guy Motors Ltd 1948 Vixen 4 tonne drop side lorry. When completed it will be used as a promotional vehicle in one of their clients advertising campaigns as well as attending shows around the UK. At this point we would also like to thank the recovery people who did an amazing job transporting this very old and rare vehicle to us in one piece, great job chaps!

The vehicle has been brought to us to have a complete new drop side body fabricated from scratch keeping it as original as possible in construction techniques and materials, once that has been done we are then to prep and paint the vehicle the new colour to match that of the clients livery.

This first gallery of pictures shows the vehicle arriving at the workshops and being unloaded ready for the restoration to commence.

Taking delivery of the 1947 Guy Motors, Vixen 4 Tonne truck ready for our classic truck restoration services.

This second gallery shows the stages of the new drop side body construction including sanding back the wooden cab ready for painting, adding new wooden support beams that are secured to the metal chassis. From there we went on to design and fabricate a new metal floor frame that is attached to the wooden supports and fit that with a new cherry wood floor, then we fabricated the drop side doors and again panelled them with cherry wood.

Watch this space for more updates on this amazing project, we have even had a visit from a major miniature toy manufacturer who has been in and taken measurements from all over the vehicle so we believe that there may even be a miniature version of this amazing vehicle available soon as well.


Another week has gone on and we have now finished the fabrication for the drop side body of the vehicle and prepped the cab, chassis and body ready for painting. Following the prep we have dismantled the vehicle so that we could spray the new sub structure for the body and begun the paintwork on the cab, everything is on schedule and the vehicle is starting to come back to life, watch this space for more pictures and updates over the next couple of weeks.

Another week has gone by and now we are about half way through the painting and have started the re-assembly of the vehicle. the subframe has been painted black and the rest of the drop side body has been painted in the required red matching the business colours of the new owner. We are hoping to finish all the rest of the paintwork this week which will then leave us with the remaining re-assembly, flatting and polishing to the required show quality finish.

Another week of prepping painting and assembly and the end is in sight, the majority of the paintwork is now complete and the final assembly is well underway. The cab is now fully painted as is the chassis and rear body, we have cleaned up the engine and painted the fan and put back the radiator. The wheel arches are painted and ready for fitting along with the last bits of trim.

Everything is going to plan and we are on schedule to finish the project early next week as planned.


Jaguar 420 Respray Project

Jaguar 420 Respray Project

This car came to us on recommendation and in need of full body restoration, the work we undertook included the following:

Replaced inner and outer sills
Replaced the floor pan’s
Replaced all 4 door skin’s
Crows feet replaced
Lower wings replaced
Converted the roof to incorporate an electric tilt & slide sunroof
All external welding was fully lead loaded including door gaps

All this work was carried out whilst the car was mounted on a fully rotating vehicle jig.

Once we had completed all the work above we then had to fully prep the vehicle to ensure we got completely flat ripple free panels, to achieve the show condition required by the owner.

The final stage of the process was to paint the vehicle with base and clear coats to a classic car show finish, at which point we transported the vehicle back to the owners so that they could continue with the interior fit out.

Austin Healey Respray Project

Austin Healey Respray Project

After many happy years of ownership and much use the owner of this vehicle decided to sell, however when it was placed in a classic car auction the car failed to achieve his required selling price, rather than sell this car for a much reduced price the owner decided to refresh the paintwork and ready the car for sale.
Once his decision had been made the owner was referred to us to get the vehicle bodywork improved. After a consultation we advised that in order to revive the paintwork to its original condition it would require all imperfections removing via a full external body prep and then given a full respray to bring the original look of the car back to life.
As you can see from the pictures, when finished, the car looked amazing and sold for more than he was expecting in the first sale it was entered into.
Since the new owner has taken possession of the car he also has been in touch with us to use our services.